Welcome and thank you for visiting my photography website.

My Name is Damian Black and I am a photographer from England, UK

I first picked up a camera in 2008 after a trip to New York. This was the inspiration I needed to take up the hobby of photography and haven't looked back. 

My photographic hobby has taken me to places all over the world including such places as the USA, Kenya, Uganda, Iceland.

As I am UK based most of my photography takes place here and takes me all over the country with Wales a firm favourite with its vast diversity.

As a lover of the outdoors my subjects are mainly Landscapes, Wildlife, Sports and Aviation.

As a Canon user I started life with a Canon 20D, moving onto the 7D, 7D Mark 2. I now shoot with the 1DX Mark II & 5D Mark III.

Thanks for visiting my site, If you have any questions or would like any information then feel free to contact me.